Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Seven Months Old Pumpkin!

Today you are seven months old my sweet girl!

You are now
-          Pulling yourself up on EVERYTHING! In your crib, in your playpen, up Dad or Mom’s legs- you love moving!
-          You are never sitting. You love to move! Crawling is “so yesterday”, it’s on to working on this walking thing!

-          You eat anything. Mommy gives you refried beans every once in a while when we eat Mexican food, and your face makes all of these hilarious expressions! Daddy says I shouldn’t feed it to you, since you obviously don’t like it, but you still open your mouth for it! J
-          You love to talk. I swear you say “Maaamaamaamaa”!

-          You love watching Elmo’s Music DVD. Daddy thinks you’re first word will be “violin”. Daddy and I have all of the songs to the DVD memorized by now.
-          You continue to love your time with Bob. Anytime you are fussy, which is pretty rare these days, Bob cheers you up and makes you smile. You grab and pull at his face and his tail, and he just continues to give you love kisses.

-          K says you poop a lot! Which is an odd thing for me to record about this fast-changing time in your life, but I think it’s still note worthy.
-          You look ridiculously cute in overalls.

-          You had your first chat with Santa Claus at a local Children’s Boutique store. We went with your friend A and her Mommy J. We haven’t seen the picture yet but we’re so excited!
-          Daddy calls you tubby sometimes. I think it’s precious. You definitely have my families' side chin.

-          You now blow raspberries. Lovely lovely raspberries. Especially when we’re feeding you vegetables. A few nights ago, Mommy got to have peas all over her! Thanks Baby!
-          You love eating our keys! I still think it’s gross. Monday you slobbered all over dad’s key rings, so now the paper is gone. Yuck.
-          You’re becoming more and more of Daddy’s little girl. How I love our time together, but oh when you get with Daddy- it’s precious.
-          You hug now. Not reach your hands out and around us, but when we pick you up, you grab our face and pull it towards you. I love this.

-          When Mom goes “bluh bluh bluh” really fast and sticks her tongue out, you think it’s the most hilarious thing in the world.
-     You have just quite enough hair to put a bow in- for like 2 seconds. Mom was quick and grabbed a picture!

-          You have become quite fond of Miss K and little V. V adores you with hugs and kisses, and refers to you as “(your name-win!”

-       We had our first trip up to the snow with you the weekend after Thanksgiving! We visited Poppee's side of the family. We bundled you up sooooo tight, you couldn't move too much! Daddy spent a lot of time carving out the perfect sledding trail, and we went on it! You smiled at the end, otherwise, you were as calm as a cucumber. :)

-        You continue to brighten our lives with so much joy little one. We love you.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

to my beautiful baby girl....

To our beautiful daughter,

You have grown up so much. Next week, you will be 7 months old. What an amazing 7 months this has been, full of laughter, personality, and constant change. You brighten up my day sweetheart, and Daddy & I love you so much. I hope when you grow up into the beautiful woman I know you will become (because you are, after all, God’s child), I hope you be able to understand how much we love you. There are so many decisions to be made, every day really, in how we choose to raise you. Whether we “help you” walk or let you learn on your own, “cry it out” or snuggle sweetly at a whimper, pacifier or thumb, breast or bottle, bottle or pacifier, pacifier or blanket…  Out of everything I’ve learned the last 16 months (pregnancy + you), one of the most obvious things is that there is no right or wrong in parenting. Yes there are areas of life that are black and white. And those areas are great! I do succeed in them well. However, parenting is so not one of them. Everyone does things differently, and sometimes you won’t know what the right answer is. Sometimes all you want someone to do is tell you WHAT to do. But they can’t- no one can. You make your own decision and you do what you think is best, at that time, for your child and your family. I hope that when you look back and wonder why Scooby Doo & I did the things we did, and raised you the way we chose, that you’ll know it’s because we truly did what we thought was best at that time. It’s all we can do. We’re human. And we love you so much. Each of your smiles, each of your hugs, you warm us up inside with joy. I love you dear one, and you will always be my precious baby girl.

I’ll love you forever,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

No Judgement Please

Our house was soooooooo bad. How does laundry pile up that much? Didn't we just do all the dishes and make the kitchen spotless this weekend? So here we go.... before and after pictures inspired by M. Let's do it!




Yes- this is all clean laundry. Scooby Doo and I both don't like folding....


Plus look at all the clothes I was able to get rid of for a clothing swap at work!

 And I was able to get rid of all the extra shoes that I never wear!





 It's amazing how much clutter there was!



It's been 3 days and we're going strong... house is still clean. AND my husband's love language is acts of service, so he's very happy, which brings me happiness too! :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

To my husband

As I was cleaning through my closet today, and I found a diary that I wrote a note in... a prayer....this is what it said:

Monday, November 20, 2006

To My Husband,

      I met you today. It was an average day, but words cannot explain how extraordinary it became after we spoke. It brought me so much joy to hear your voice. We laughed like we always do0- the kind where you can't stop smiling because you can't believe he loves you, too.
     I say I met you today not because this is the first day I know you were “it” for- but because the conversation we had tonight reminds me that today is yet another consecutive day that I am just taken back by what God has blessed me with. The days have not ceased in adding daily in number since we met.
    You are incredible. A man so loving, so gentle, so passionate, so smart... such a man of faith & Biblical wisdom & guidance. I hope you are the man who places that ring on my finger, the man I get to stay up late with, just talking about life and family, and work, the man I get to giggle with, the man who prays with me. You already do all these things. You shower me with affirmations, encouragement, and wisdom. I want you to be the man, Scooby Doo, who holds my pregnant belly and kisses him or her and says “I hope they look just like you.” I hope we can drink coffee in bed in the mornings on our lazy Saturdays- and then put down our coffee because we've found other ways to occupy our time. Then maybe its waking up at 4 or so so we have a few quiet precious hours to ourselves before we have to get the kids up and ready for dance and soccer and tee-ball. You will be the best Dad. I love you so much. Someday, I'm going to get to hold your hands as I fall asleep. That will be the best thing ever.

                                                        I love you sweetheart,

And my dreams came true....

August 2006 - Scooby Doo Meeting the family, our 2nd week dating

November 2006  (and when I knew.... and wrote that letter above)

The day he proposed, October 4, 2008, Tahoe
Our first picture engaged!
Our wedding day!

May 2, 2009

Our Honeymoon, May 4, 2009

April 2010
 Kissing our daughter; telling her how much he loves her

June 2010 - Our Growing Family

The love of my life
My Husband, and a great Dad

 Thank you Lord............