Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello my new baby grass

The below is a post from a special guest blogger... I asked my sister Shiner to write this of our accounts yesterday. Ohhh how I love our family. :)
Shiner writes below..... (thank you Shiner!!!)

Today . . . Mom picked me up me from my friend McKenna’s house after school, where we were studying for an upcoming Spanish test. On our way home, my mom noticed a few Hispanic gardeners who were finishing laying brand new sod on a neighbor’s lawn. She slammed on the breaks. . .jumped out of the car.  In her best Spanglish continues to greet them with, “Hola.” She attempted to find out if they (1) had any extra sod. . . for “dos” square-os. . .and (2) if they possibly had time to put it in for “danaros.” Two out of the three workers did not speak any English whatsoever, and the third gentleman giggled as he spoke bits and pieces back to my mom’s eager attempt to be bilingual.
These are some few things mom told the man to get him to do our lawn. “YOU HAVE VERDE GRASSA?  “Mi CASA ES WITHA FLAGO’ ‘No mom flag is bandera not flago!” “CUANDO ES TIME-O TO COMEO OVER-O to mi casa? “JUST DOS SPOT-OS.” 
Shiner, what is money in Spanish?  ‘I don’t know we are only in our second unit in Spanish 1.” Mom really tried her hardest to get her two dead spots replaced with beautiful green sod. Well, she finally ended up giving them all her cash and a check for $20, a total of $37. She enthusiastically kept saying. . . I MUY HAPPY and clapping her hands!
Mom happy is feliez.’   
Later while showing her “beautiful” two new patches of grass to 007 (007 was laughing), Mom excitedly starts watering her two new squares of sod grass.   Then. . she kneels down and began talking to the grass.“Hello my new baby grass . . . etc. “ 

Unbeknownst to Mom, a man walks by with a strange look on his face. Mom tries to explain to him why she is talking to the grass as 007 and I were by this time laughing so hard that we were crying.  That poor stranger. . .  but he just kept walking down the street.

What a perfect ending to a very long day. I love my family.

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