Sunday, October 24, 2010

The joy of our hearts

Emelynn you are now 5 months & 1 week old, and you continue to bring us so much. joy. Here are just some of the things we've experienced with you:

  • You LOVE watching sports with Daddy & I, and you like watching Baby Einstein and music sing-a-long videos at Miss Katie's. You cheer on the Giants with us too! It's amazing how normally content you are during the games, even if it's past your bedtime. Danielle S. made this beanie for you. We thought it was perfect! :)

  • You've experienced rain for the first time. You're not quite sure what to think about it. You don't really react to it, unless you get water on your face. You're starting to get used to Daddy & I putting you in big puffy jackets and socks, although you still don't like wearing shoes. And something tells us you're not too fond of the jackets either. You don't complain though.... too much.

  • You now eat about 4 containers of food per day! You weren't that partial to peas to start out with, but you like them now! And you always make a funny face when you eat peaches. They're quite tart though, and I think the taste surprises you! Your favorite food is carrots, but squash comes in a close second. And you always have bananas for breakfast on the weekends. :)
  • You have grown even closer to the Aunts & Uncles you have, and are starting to recognize people you see more often. Poppee (Grandpa; my Dad) always makes funny faces. You always look so perplexed by his faces, but sometimes you find it's funny. :) You reached out to "Meemee" (Grandma Barb) for the first time yesterday. You love her tickle time! Auntie Brittany & Uncle Mason love playing with you- and Auntie Brittany ALWAYS gets you laughing and smiling. Aunt Megan knows just how to snuggle you. How you connect with her always amazes me. And Uncle Aaron- well you're just a flirt with him. :)

  •  You still don't like your car seat, and I don't think you ever really will. You don't sleep in the car unless you're exhausted- but if you're OVER TIRED - forget about it. No such thing as falling asleep in the car. However we were able to snap this picture, but you didn't actually fall asleep IN the carseat. But you didn't wake up when we put you in it!

  • You roll over constantly- especially at night. We always find that you've kicked, squirmed, and rolled your way into the upper corner of your crib every single night.

  • You like being bounced, compared to being rocked.
  • You have a routine now- I think.
  • You LOVE LOVE LOVE to laugh!

  • You will not stay awake past 7 no matter how hard we try, and you usually wake up 2 times a night, and then at 5:30 (even on the weekends :))
  • You have officially FOUND YOUR TONGUE! Every smile now involves a small tongue poking out. Sorry sweetheart, you have my tongue. :) This was blatantly obvious during your first photo shoot at Sears. :) See some of our harvest/fall pictures here: Sears Photos
  • We took our first family pictures yesterday. Jessica H. took them; it was so good to see her. You did so great little one. We haven't seen them yet- but when we do- we'll post them for sure!
  • You like being in your pack in play. We tied some toys from one corner to the other, and it keeps you relatively entertained!
  • Your favorite toys are your Sophie (a rubber giraffe) and your musical seahorse. You go to sleep with your seahorse every night now.
  • You still don't take great naps when we're not at home. Which is OK, because when you do get home, you snuggle and cuddle and curl... and we love having that time with you.
  • You've done SO GREAT at day care with Miss Katie and little Violet. You go for a walk every day in the double stroller, and you're starting to get used to that! They have so many toys, which you love! And Violet loves making you laugh.
  • You still love your bottle, and sometimes eat for comfort. We're okay with that for now, as long as you don't NEED food to sleep. Although- when you do, it's pretty funny. See video earlier posted: Emelynn falling asleep while eating
  • You are SO teething. Anything and everything goes in your mouth, although your favorite is always Mom or Dad's fingers. :)

  • Walter loves to give you kisses, and you love it too! If you're fussy Walter comes up to you and kisses you - your toes, your hands, and now you're face. He loves you and is so protective!
Something new every day, and every day we love. We love you baby girl.

Love, Mom & Dad

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