Friday, October 29, 2010

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

We did it!

We chose a realtor.

Her name is Karen De Young, and she’s AMAZING. Check her out at We've had several families refer her to us, and we're so excited that we clicked well! She’s knowledgeable, professional, and so kind. Now we are going to continue to pray with her for this process!! We're still not sure if we're going to use an FHA loan or an 80/17. So join us! In praying, in looking, and in praying some more! For wisdom, great communication, patience, and everything else that goes along with buying your first home. We’re looking at moving in the early summer, and will probably end up buying a short sale (so patience is a BIG prayer request!)….

Me being a Sunde, gave Karen a typed document of everything we were looking for – our “must haves/deal breakers”, and our would be nices….

The Millers 1st Home
Must Have, deal breakers
·          Outside!
o    Backyard- SPACE & QUIET! (Kristi’s #1)
o    Garage
·          Location!
o    Cul-de-sac or ending in a court (Kristi’s #2)
o    Safe, quiet neighborhood
o    NO zero lot line houses
o    NOT in Lincoln Crossing(fees)
o    No more than a 20 minute drive to Rocklin
·          The House!
o    NO Major renovations- particularly in the kitchen or bathroom (Jeremy’s #1)
o    Dual Pane windows (Jeremy’s #2)
o    Room for our dining table

Would Love To Have, but not deal breakers
·          The House!
o    Single Story
o    Lots of natural light
o    2 separate living areas (one for a play room)
o    Open Kitchen (not galley style)
o    Master Bedroom with en suite bathroom with separate shower & tub
·          Depending on the cost of the home, no extra taxes
·          Location!
o    Close to Freeway

·          The bigger the bath tub, the better!
·          An island in the kitchen
·          Solid countertops (as opposed to tile)
·          Fire place
·          Laundry Room

Wouldn’t mind looking at:

·          1263 Red Leaf Way, Lincoln, CA 95648
·          587 Equinox Loop, Lincoln, CA 95648
·          5746 Mesa Verde Circle, Rocklin, CA 95677

So here we go!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. ohhhhhh sooooo exciting!!!

    It was great seeing you yesterday and chatting!!

    But I gotta say... I'd put Laundry room on the MUST HAVE list!!! I can't imagine not having those with Alia!!!

    Make sure you check too that no bad people live near (child molestors). If you can get by a school... you are safer!! :) The crazy things we have to think about now having little girls!! :)

    Also be sure the check out the neighbors while you are checking out the house!! We went to see one house when we were looking and there was a guy working on his car in the driveway of the house across the street BLASTING mariachi music... we told the realator to KEEP ON GOING!!! :))))

    Best of luck in the house hunting!!!!!