Monday, October 18, 2010

My life.

Today started out as every other day.
I woke up to Jeremy telling me to get up, and me asking him when the alarm went off because I didn’t hear it. I didn’t realize how exhausting going to Sears for a cheap $7.99 photo deal package would be. (We ended up spending $50 – thanks E & M for the gift card!) THANKFULLY M took R and we went together, braving the photographers, pooping children, and rain for a photo session. Em decided to spit up and be a little tired (she was EXHAUSTED by the time it ended, and thankfully fell fast asleep), but was such a trooper. We had to keep telling her to put her new-found tongue back in her mouth. No amount of convincing or bribery worked. J We got some cute pictures though.

I eventually rolled out of bed far past when I should have only to be greeted by a full version of myself due to our floor-length closet mirrors. Why, oh God were those put in our bedroom? I leisurely stumble over to the bathroom where I, at the same time, brush my teeth, think through my day, wonder what I need to put in the diaper bag, talk with my mouth full of toothpaste asking Jeremy to put something in the diaper bag, take out my make-up bag and then spit out my toothpaste because my mouth is on fire from the ever so sensible minty-flavor some genius put in my toothpaste.

I proceed to go through my day, dropping my gorgeous little one off at day-care. Being a first time Mom who loves photos (I just use the first time mom excuse because I can. Who knows what I will do with numbers 2-?), I ask my girlfriend who watches Em during the day to snap a picture of us. She does and I leave, wishing that I could just sit and cuddle her all day.

Apparently, I still wasn't very awake. At least according to the picture.

I got to work not knowing what kind of Monday I was going to get myself in to. I’m so glad God gave us each our own sense of humor- and I’m glad I find many things in my life funny! Hopefully you will too.
I sent out a calendar today which I had created for a particular segment of our administration. I’ve been working on it for about 3 ½ weeks now, and after previewing it countless times and sending it to other people, I sent it out. About ½ of the people I sent it out to got my personal calendar. Have you ever heard that if its at work, it’s never really personal? Yeah- thank God I didn’t have any OBGYN appointment on there! Thankfully there was only a DMV appointment and “Lunch with Brittany on the grass” scheduled every Wednesday at noon. I did receive a few emails asking what meeting that was? I also had someone respond with- oh you went to Apple Hill last weekend! Awesome guys. Awesome. I recalled the message, hoping that many wouldn’t receive it. Then I sent out an email to everyone who had originally gotten it to please ignore it as I had goofed. Then the people who had gotten the message recalled didn’t know what message I was referring to because I had it recalled. So then I had to explain it to them anyways. Then I tried to send it out again, and now some of them didn’t have access to view it! Even though I had granted it! (At this point, I’m thinking- please- give me a Butterfinger. SOMEONE!) So for the third time I send it and it works. For some. Some still can’t see it. Uhh.

Brittany calls me just in time to grab a bite to eat in the cafeteria. Poor girl thinks she broke her nose playing with Ellie the other day. L We spoke about embarrassing moments and memories and then reminded each other we were human, checked out some other blogs online, and enjoyed some nachos- which unfortunately, didn’t settle well with me later on. Uhh.
I survived cramps, a broken clipe to my name tag, utter embarassement, a meeting, only to check my mailboxes at the end of the day. I share mailboxes with my boss, so I was so touched to see a note on a bag of Guiradelli chocolates that read "Christy, thanks for all your help in the ____ Department"... how nice! Oh gosh! I don't even do that much for ____ Department. I poke my head in their office and jokingly question- you sure you meant to put these in my box? They respond with no no I put those in Christy's box, you wanted them? hahaha. I said- no acually they were in my box? Oh! They get up and put the bag that was supossed to go in my boss' box in there and the bag I had in Christy's box. He'd didn't spell my name wrong- they just weren't for me. Guess there is another Kristi on campus. No chocolate's for me. Uhh, how embarassing.

Tis my Monday. Suprisingly, I maintained a sense of humor and stayed relatively in people's good graces for the remainder of my day. Life. It happens. We're blessed. I laugh. It is. Wonderful. Some memories for the books!

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  1. Who knew taking pics would be exhausting? I had no clue :)