Sunday, October 10, 2010

That girl-- running ahead of us, with the tight rear end, perfect boobs and make-up-- that had to take energy.

What a day yesterday. An awesome day. In our effort to do a half marathon next summer, we did our second family 5K. We started the day off by running the "Hot Pink 5k" for breast cancer research. Jeremy & I and Em got there right as the race was starting (it was hard to get out the door!) but we just joined the crowds. Probably 2,000+ people running. It was awesome. Meg & Mom ran it too. Mom got 13th in her age bracket (Did I mention there were 2000+ people?), and Meg got... 20th? I think? Jeremy & I and Em... finished. :) Emelynn in the last 2 days or so has FOUND HER TONGUE (see below for evidence). It was so much fun, and for such a good cause.

 Em was pink from head to toe!

 Yes Mom?

 Oh another picture. okay!

 I love you Dad.
My tongue my tongue!

Afterwards, we all went to breakfast. It was a blast. Mom and Meg held Em the whole time, and Jeremy & I just got to love her from afar. You can see that in the some of the pictures above she was pretty tired, but Mom got her all riled up at breakfast! She was talking and laughing.

Emelynn is also seriously teething. She will put anything and everything in her mouth! We feel one, but can't see it yet. :)

 Emelynn loves her time with Auntie Megan.

Loving family life.

All in all, so much fun. Can't wait for next year.


  1. aw, yay! wanna run a half on 10/31 with me?

  2. awe! so sweet! I love the pictures! What camera are you using?