Thursday, October 28, 2010

Being honest w/ Paula

Today I told my sister some of my secrets about depression … stuff that I had never shared with her or many others, because she (or them) had never asked. I didn’t even realize how I had kept them. Perhaps it was intentional to keep them secrets when I was still in hiding my desperate and constant battle with depression, but I’m not any more. And it’s great! J Now, I’m finding that I’m not intentional about telling those who aren’t interested that I’ve struggled, but rather be open to those who are. I’m proud of her for asking and not judging, at least I hope not judging. She seemed compassionate, and accepting, and I was relieved inside. Thank you Paula Deen. It was a rough time for everyone (me & those affected by my “absence”), and it is a fight that happens every day, but I have the tools to battle now, at that includes having a supportive family which includes YOU. J

In the battle & knowing there’s hope,


  1. Your honesty makes me pause and give thought to what I hide.
    It's hard to 'come clean' and speak freely.
    I hold you in high regard.
    I respect your courage.

  2. being open and willing to be vulnerable are powerful tools! keep it up, love you

  3. Thank you everyone ... and to my MIL- thank you especially. :)