Tuesday, November 30, 2010

100 Thing Challenge- My Closet

“Tank top, Tank top, Tank top, too small, wayyy too small, needs to be washed again, tank top”.

That was me going through my closet this morning, looking for a shirt to wear to work. I ended up grabbing a collar-less long sleeved from my drawer, and proceeded to tell myself and Jeremy that I NEED to go through my clothes. He asked me “How do you buy so many clothes and none of them fit!” My responses “talk to the boobs!”. My entire body has changed so much after pregnancy. My butt has now disappeared (I didn't realize how great of a butt I had!), and now my boobs have weights on them, or gravity has taken its toll. The amount of bras I have are ridiculous- and how many fit? Exactly one. Target. $14.99.

When I came into work this morning, my boss had printed out an advertisement for a clothing swap happening on campus. What a neat idea! We got to chatting, and she said it was so surprising how so many people still show up to an interview in jeans and flip flops. I remember interviewing people, trying to fill a position at the ACPA awhile back. There was someone who I interviewed who, this woman, in her 40s, had worn flip flops, a very grungy tee-shirt, and flip flops to an interview. Did she really think she would get hired, or did she just have nothing to wear? Well- I need to be more professional. My boss said one of the reasons I got hired was because of my professionalism. So I need to step it up. Just because everyone dresses in jeans here, does not mean I get too all the time too. I represent the VP, and it’s important to represent her well. Plus she’s a fabulous person that I want to represent well. SO. As I wear a long-sleeved, non-collared shirt, dress pants that need to be hemmed, and my flats that I’ve owned since high school that since the thread came undone- I’ve taken a black sharpie to them to cover up the white thread... I’ve realized- I need to go through my closet. I don’t need to necessarily go shopping, because I very well could have clothes that fit. I just have too many things that don’t fit on top. I may get healthier, but I probably won’t have my pre-pregnancy body again. Right now I weigh 5 pounds less than I did 9-months pregnant. Granted- I only gained 10 pounds in my pregnancy (I threw everything else up), but I can’t keep holding on to these clothes that I’ve had since college and pre-college, hoping/wishing/imagining that they’re going to magically fit! The fact of the matter is I’m not working out right now as much as I want to- and in the mean time, I need clothes that represent me well. So it’s out with the tight shirts, black sharp-ed shoes, and barley-hanging-on-to-my-hip pants. I’m breaking out the sewing machine, the gift cards, and the trash bags. It’s time to recycle some of the clothes I have. Fact is- I do not need 10 sweatshirts. You can only wear one at a time. I don’t need the 20 pairs of shoes I have. I DO need to buy a pair of good tennis, and probably some other black flats, but I can get rid of the pair of black dress shoes that I bought 2 years ago that are now at least 1 size too big. And I can stop trying to wear them and pretend like they fit.

My good friend Melanee is doing the 100 Thing Challenge (http://guynameddave.com/about-the-100-thing-challenge/), and I think that’s something that I’d like to do eventually. First thing first. Bag up the clothes that: 1- you only wear once a year (but I still really like that pair of dressy strappy black high heels), 2- don’t fit (even if you add or take away one size), 3- you have 10 of (besides underwear). It’s my goal to do this with a grateful heart. Not crying or whining over my favorite items or the clothes I have sentimental attachments too. But don’t also just keep all the black or white shirts and one pair of jeans. Just be wise. I’ll let you know how it goes… maybe even with some pictures. J

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  1. Oh my goodness. That first paragraph sums up my feelings about my new body exactly! I thought it was just me....