Monday, November 15, 2010


But God has BLESSED me with people that have helped me through the journey, and these are some of the things I have grown to learn:

  1. Regardless of how thoroughly not “at peace” or “at peace” I might feel about something one day, WAIT- give it time. Emotions are not everything. And “peace” can be deceiving.
  2. Life can be tough, but it’s never as bad as it seems.
  3.  A walk outside can almost always brighten my mood.
  4.  A shower helps too.
  5. Hugs heal the soul when you let them, and when words can't.
  6. I am worth it.
  7. It can get better. It will get better.
  8. I am not a failure.
  9. I am emotional. And just because I am emotional, it does not mean I am a failure.
  10. And again- because it’s worth saying it- I’m worth it. I’m worth the time. I’m worth the energy. I’m worth the cost of the medical bills for counseling. I’m worth the extra doctor’s appointment. I’m worth the bath soak and candles. I’m worth the massage, the pedicure. I’m worth the healthy dinner. It’s okay to laugh, to enjoy, to splurge (sometimes)- and it’s okay to do those because you’re you- and no one else is. Stop saving your grace and kindness for everyone else but you. Stop apologizing. I am worth it.
  11. I do not deserve the negativity. The insults. The degrading, dehumanizing, worthless thoughts that sometimes come in my head. I do not deserve those. I do not deserve to not be given an extra chance that normally I would give anyone else.
  12. I am never too hopeless for prayer, although I am often too prideful.
  13. I need help. Most people do.
  14. I take Prozac, and it helps me. And as much as I can rationalize and support the use of it, as I would support a diabetic taking insulin, I don’t think I’ll ever be totally okay with taking it.
  15. It’s not healthy to use words like “ever” or “never” like I did in #14.
  16. No one has a perfect family, because families are made up of people- individuals rather, with their own faults and gifts. We have our perfect blessings, but no one person - except Christ - is perfect.
  17. Anger, for me, is a symptom of my depression.
Anything you’ve learned from your depression that you’d like to share?
Or something from a “down” time in your life?

Depression is an ugly thing.
But by sharing, God can be glorified in it.

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  1. You are such a powerful and strong woman. I appreciate you so much! I love you!