Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gilroy Gardens

Yesterday we took our first trip to Gilroy Gardens! Grandmie and Grandpie paid as a gift to all of us- THANK YOU! Silly me thought it was just a garden, but oh so much more! Gilroy Gardens is a kids amusement park, and totally caters to the little LITTLE ones. It was PERFECT! The day started out with rain, which had us all a little worried, but it cleared up in no time! It was so great to spend time with my nieces and nephew... the only missing was Jeremy and Aaron. Aaron was working, and Jeremy was on Day 2 of his GATE (not not gay class Janell & Adam) class for an extra unit. We shared lunch, and many 1st for Emelynn! This was the first time all of the cousins were together. It was so neat to see how close in age they were. All fascinated by the same things. It was truly so memorable. I can't wait to go back again.

Emelynn's First Ferris Wheel Ride, and really first ride ever!

Glued to Grandpie :)

Cousin N (I've got to work on my blog names...) and Cousin K made you laugh soooo hard!
 Cousin H joins in on the fun....
 The many faces of Emelynn
 Cousin N was doing upside down bunny ears- she thought it was quite amusing!

 Too cute- it was so good to spend some time with them, and especially one of my two favorite sister in laws

The first time the 5 cousins were together!

The Family, minus the important Uncle A who was working, and Daddy who was taking his class.

There were so many beautiful waterfalls. It's hard to believe that the day started with rain! But perhaps that's why the colors in this place were all so very vivid.

Cousin M- who grows cuter in her cuteness every time I see her.

 My amazing in-laws. It was such a great day to chat with them, be encouraged, and get my love tank from the Millers full again...aww the feeling of Miller love

The merry-go-round was full sized, and gorgeous! Cousin N was afraid of nothing.

 Emelynn was quite enthused with the many lights and sounds coming from our chariot.

One of my favorite sister-in-laws, her joy with her daughter I can't but hope to have as Em gets older! They are so close.... little cute conversation that had happened at dinner later in the evening was this...
Mom: You need to have a few more bites before you're done.
M: *Pout*
Mom: How old are you?
M: Freeee....*admidst pouting* (Three)
Mom: Okay, then that's how many bites you need to have- three.
M: O-kay..... *pout* and takes bites.


And B & H.... they look so much alike. Amazed by the beauty and action of this magical place, little H can't help but be taken..... it was so fun catching up with B! Something about being married to Miller men sure units us girls!

She LOVED Grandmie!

Fun on the train ride! And probably my favorite part.... but it's hard to choose just one!

 Jumping up and down before we left the "station"- she really entertains herself, and others!

 The train ride was so beautiful.

 Christmas card anyone?

 Reminds me I need to lose some weight, but my gorgeous one-socked daughter is still so cute, how could I not post this?

A beautiful day with our beautiful family. I can't wait to go again! Holiday of Lights perhaps?

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