Wednesday, December 8, 2010

to my beautiful baby girl....

To our beautiful daughter,

You have grown up so much. Next week, you will be 7 months old. What an amazing 7 months this has been, full of laughter, personality, and constant change. You brighten up my day sweetheart, and Daddy & I love you so much. I hope when you grow up into the beautiful woman I know you will become (because you are, after all, God’s child), I hope you be able to understand how much we love you. There are so many decisions to be made, every day really, in how we choose to raise you. Whether we “help you” walk or let you learn on your own, “cry it out” or snuggle sweetly at a whimper, pacifier or thumb, breast or bottle, bottle or pacifier, pacifier or blanket…  Out of everything I’ve learned the last 16 months (pregnancy + you), one of the most obvious things is that there is no right or wrong in parenting. Yes there are areas of life that are black and white. And those areas are great! I do succeed in them well. However, parenting is so not one of them. Everyone does things differently, and sometimes you won’t know what the right answer is. Sometimes all you want someone to do is tell you WHAT to do. But they can’t- no one can. You make your own decision and you do what you think is best, at that time, for your child and your family. I hope that when you look back and wonder why Scooby Doo & I did the things we did, and raised you the way we chose, that you’ll know it’s because we truly did what we thought was best at that time. It’s all we can do. We’re human. And we love you so much. Each of your smiles, each of your hugs, you warm us up inside with joy. I love you dear one, and you will always be my precious baby girl.

I’ll love you forever,

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