Friday, February 18, 2011

A bun in the oven!

I realized this morning that I still have not blogged about the most recent News! We have a bun in the oven! Baby #2 is due September 21, 2011. So far, pregnancy has been a breeze compared to my time pregnant with YumYum. I have been tired, but honestly, who isn’t? The only other pregnancy symptom is swollen feet. I didn’t even have swollen feet with YumYum! I’ve been less hungry, but not nauseous – thank you Jesus! It’s truly been such a different experience so far. My guess was that we were having twin boys, but the first ultrasound showed only one beautiful heartbeat. The image was fuzzy, they suspected because I was one week less far along than they thought, but they will double check to make sure everything is okay on our next appointment on the fourth of March.

Here’s the video I asked my girlfriend to take when I told Scooby Doo that we were expecting:

It was a surprise, for both of us!

The heaviest burden on my ehart right now is for the ability to stay at home. I would love to be able to stay at home when our kids are young, especially those first five years when they are not in school. Even when we cut the expenses and sacrifice trips and the special treats, we don’t see how we can make it just paying the bills, mortgage, diapers, and food. So this is the biggest prayer of my heart right now. God has had a large fish swallow Jonah and spit him back up- Alive. God has divided the red sea. God has created the heavens and earth, the animals in the air and on the earth and in the sea, and God created you & I. God provided Scooby Doo a teaching job, after several years of faithful waiting. God kept my Dad’s job when it was extremely likely he would be laid off. God saved my Uncle from cancer, and healed my baby girl. God knows our heart, and I’m trying to be patient in waiting for him to show us how this could work. If it is His will. If it is not, I ask that our friends and family pray for me and my husband to have peace in that decision. I am a planner and a worrier, and I am trying to, especially during this pregancy and as I enter the world of motherhood to two, be a pray-er.

I have thought about getting into birth photography and even created a little flyer. I would absolutely love it, and especially since photographers are a dime a dozen, birth photography is something a bit more specialized and private. I would so enjoy it, but because it is such an intimate experience, it’ll be hard to start off and build a clientel. Or at least, that’s what I’ve encountered so far. Additionally, the logistics of doing that while I have a full time job seem difficult. I’d be willing to get up in the middle of the night for the women’s last hour of labor, but what happens when its during the day. I’d have to leave work? I want to be a faithful empoloyee.

Again, God knows my heart. I’ve asked a friend to help me design a website, and  through prayers, perhaps this is a busienss I can break into, so I can eventually stay home with my babies.

That’s right… babies…. We are going to have two beautiful babies…. Thank you Jesus.


  1. :) What a wonderful idea! The logistics would be strange...but I think you could create a world where you can pull it off. How neat!

  2. I'd call maternity wards and see if it is possible to photograph birth. I thought I saw a sign that UC Davis had a "no video" policy during the actual delivery.

  3. I'm looking into getting into birth photography, too (at some point!). In AZ I was good friends with a midwife who did home births-- you could check in with some local midwives and doulas and see if they already have photographers that they work with or not. :) My friend was totally cool with me leaving flyers in her office for clients to take, and you might even be able to find someone who would let you "practice" for free to build a portfolio.