Monday, April 11, 2011

April Showers bring May Flowers

I suppose I should write because although I often think about writing, it hasn’t happened (as much as I will it in my mind). J

The last few months have been a whirlwind. Throw in our family getting sick, beginning to pack, a postponed escrow, and two emotionally drained parents = you got yourself us.

It’s been hard, I’m not going to sugar coat it. But alas the light has arrived, and no, it’s not the heavenly one! We survived March Madness as a friend reminded me, April showers bring May flowers! I can’t wait for May….

YumYum is doing well, and constantly on the move. Having her first ear infection put her mobility back a few steps, but she’s definitely back to herself now. She has discovered tangerines, and yes, she LOVES them. Any food that we eat, she wants. BADLY. Even if she’s already just finished eating. She weighs a healthy 20 pounds, despite her diet. After a daytrip to the BA, and only one set of clothes, I ran into JcPenneys to grab a different shirt so she wouldn’t be the shirtless kid in BJs. $100 bucks later, I happily left with probably 10 shirts, 6 one-zie/stretchy pant combos, one beanie, and one flowery headband. TOO CUTE. All of their spring clothes were ½ off because of Easter! Scooby Doo and I realized that this is the first time we’ve really had to buy her clothes. What a blessing. The 12-month clothes fit her well, and albeit the pants are a bit long, the 9-month pants look like shorts. This is one of her rediculously cute outfits and headband combos :)

My sister in her everconstant good-moodedness, came over with a pair of bunny easters to snap some photos of YumYum. Despite it being during YumYum's tired time of the day, Paul Deen worked her magic. See some evidence of her fairy dust below.

One of my favorites...

And yet another favorite :)

Scooby Doo & I are holding up well. We thought that our offer had been finally approved for the house in downtown, only to find out the first bank had approved it, but the second had countered- wanting more of the cut. Now we are waiting for negotiations to be resolved between the 1st bank/2nd bank/and seller. We thank God that our offer was approved at least, and now we hope they can finalize things before interest rates change too dramatically. Although we thought we’d be in the new house by May 1, it’s now looking like June 1, and we’re still thrilled. It’s been a tiring process, and I will be so thrilled when it’s over. But I think the experience of buying your first home is supposed to be exhausting. It’s part of the reward, right?

YumYum and I got kicked out of our first beer fest this weekend. We went down to V City with MacGyver and “Uncle” R, and Scooby Doo & I and baby were excited for a day in the sun helping Uncle R and his business. The Sippy cup fit perfectly in YumYums brew caddy, but unfortunately that wasn’t enough. The manager of the event told MacGyver that baby had to leave since she was under 21. Although we were all sure I could fight some breastfeeding discrimination, I figured I would leave it to those mom’s who were actually breastfeeding and deserved the right, as well as keep Uncle R’s company name in the clear. Thankfully, Scooby Doo’s brother and family lived about ½ an hour away. YumYum and I got to check out their awesome new apartment, play with the nieces/cousins, and enjoy some fresh, home-baked bread. Yum! Thank you B! It is always nice being able to visit family. The girls had a ton of fun. K & H were decked out in their princess attire, and YumYum CRACKED UP every time K laughed. It was the cutest thing in the world. It gave me a taste of what it could be like in two years. The blocks and books lie scattered around, kids laughing, parents relaxing- talking…. It was a beautiful picture. Not perfect of course- the kids still had their moments, I still changed a ridiculously poopy diaper, but nap time still happened and the world kept going round.

Because we won’t be in the house by YumYum’s birthday (most likely, May 15), we’ve decided to have a small family birthday dinner at my parents house with YumYum’s grandparents and my family. We’re hoping once we’re in the house, to have a big BBQ housewarming/YumYum’s birthday party with tons of food, friends, and family… probably in June or early July.

In other news, Baby #2 is growing well. I’m down 11 pounds, but the nausea has settled down thanks to two prescriptions from my midwife at Kaiser. I’m not as sick as I was with YumYum, and the first 13 weeks were COMPLETELY different. With YumYum, I lost a lot of weight because I had no appetite the first trimester, but I didn’t throw up until week #13. With this baby, I wasn’t sick even in the slightest; I didn’t even feel pregnant! Then of course, the exact day I turned 13 weeks, I started enjoying my meals twice again. Flash backs of hospital trips, sleeping by the toilet, extra-ultrasounds because of weight loss, worrying about baby’s weight gain, months of being sick…. I was so scared this would be a repeat. Thankfully, getting a sinus infection and ear ache ended up being enough to make me get onto I couldn’t keep my antibiotics down, and therefore, wasn’t getting any better. They put me on some anti-nausea medicine, and things started looking up. I was throwing up less, (still throwing up though), and I was trying hard to live in the present and not in the past. Pregnancies are supposed to be completely different, right? Well the sinus infection went away, although 5 weeks later from the start of when I first had the flu, I still have pressure, but no congestion. I miss the days of feeling 100% healthy; this pregnancy has completely shot my immune system. But hopefully now that I am not throwing up, I will be able to take some gummi multi-vitamins again, and that will help.

We met with our Midwife, Aces' and his wife's midwife a few weeks ago. After a lot of prayer and talking and research, we’re going to go ahead and try to have a WBAC (water birth after cesarean). Plans are to deliver at home. Because I labored with YumYum naturally, with the exception of the epidural I got six minutes before she was born, I think I know what I’m getting myself into with the pain.  Yes, it will be pain. But the thought of being at least in the comfort of my own home, with just my husband and the midwife, is extremely comforting. Unlike the beginning of this pregnancy, I’m not scared to deliver anymore. I’m not terrified. I’m excited, and looking forward to a different experience. My midwife at Kaiser, as well as our private midwife, agree that I’m an excellent VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) candidate. Unlike someone who didn’t dilate, or had a breech baby, I still progressed to seven cm. with Em, and the only reason I had a cesarean was because the cord was wrapped around her and therefore, she couldn’t keep up with the contractions. I can’t express the amount of gratitude and relief I had when the Kaiser midwife said that I would be a great candidate to have a homebirth. KAISER of all places. Of course she had her “off the record” and “on the record” statement, saying I should go to every prenatal appointment  at Kaiser, but since she said that her and Shelia would be doing the same thing each appointment, I could just get my testing done at Kaiser, and therefore only need to go to three more appointments at Kaiser before our delivery. Yeah! No more parking garage, waiting in line, sick people, and things poked everywhere. Midwife coming to my home…. Ahhhh.. the thought soothes.

I will be 18 weeks pregnant on Wednesday; our due date for baby Smiles is September 14.

I am so very at peace.

Chaos circles, but I feel like the menacing black clouds have departed, at least temporarily. Life will be crazy for the next few months. Despite my suggestion to wait and be surprised, Scooby Doo insists we find out the baby’s gender, which will be during our May 2nd appointment, which also happens to be the day of our 2nd wedding anniversary. Who would have known. YumYum turns one on May 15, and hopefully, near the end of May, we will be moving. Nothing like change. J

Glory be to God for all He has done, Is doing, and Will do.


  1. I found out the sex for my Elijah and kept it a secret from Sean who didn't want to know. I suppose you guys could do something like that...

  2. I am constantly amazed at how beautiful your writing is! :) I loved this one! you are so full of LIFE! :):):):):):):):) ..... :)