Monday, April 25, 2011

My Child Eats.

I assume that most people conclude that I’m exaggerating when I tell them how much my child eats.


My dear, sweet, 11.5 month old baby girl, eats more than me on a regular basis. Yesterday I cataloged what she ate, as proof and evidence, to my statements:

*NOTE* For each of the meals below she did not spit up anything. She did, on the other hand, have NASTY #2's.

Breakfast: 9:00AM
Consumed: 1 Cup (measured) of Kix Cereal, 3 Clementine Tangerines, 1 Large Banana, 1 Unfrosted Cinnamon Sweet Roll, 1 ½ cups of Mixed Water + Apple Juice

Lunch: 1:00PM
Consumed: 1 Whole, Entire, Chicken Breast, Water
I started with cutting up ½ of the chicken breast into smaller bites. She amused me and got about ½ way through, until she realized I had left the remaining un-cut slab of chicken at the edge of her high chair tray. She casually looked at me, and grabbed that chicken. With a large smile, she continued to eat until the entire breast, including the cut up bits, were eaten.

Yummy Chicken!

Dinner: 5:15PM
Consumed: 1 serving Green Beans & Bacon bits, 1 bite (then spit it out) of mashed potatoes, 2 servings Grandma’s fruit filled jello, ½ slice of ham, ½ sippie cup of water.
She stopped eating before she wanted to because she was a BIT overtired (and by a bit, I mean A LOT). She skipped her nap earlier that day.

*more pictures to come*

I love my little girl, tons and tons and tons. I thought that before the age of one, I would never “not allow” my kid to have food. They weren’t manipulating me, they were just hungry. FALSE. My child is not hungry, and she (unfortunately) is not on a growth spurt. She has ALWAYS eaten WAYYYY more than her counterparts. She just loves food, and she’s a healthy 20ish pounds, and is happy! She looks like a normal sized kid- and for that, I am grateful (I also envy her metabolism. Then again, she never stops moving so I’m sure she is burning a TON (literally) of calories.)  I don’t have the patience to tolerate a picky child. (God knows I’ll probably get that with Baby #2.) The only things she doesn’t like are mashed potatoes, and grilled chicken (most of the time). She will try anything (including dog food, pens, pieces of paper, food that is (and has been) already on the floor that has gone un-noticed by all except her and Bob- the dog (except Bob isn’t allowed in the kitchen), etc.) unbeknownst to her father and I (we normally spot her while mid Jaw cracked). (Yes I have spotted her with each of these things in her mouth.) Praise God she isn’t picky.

My next blog post I am already planning: things my child likes to play with, instead of her toys.

She never ceases to make us smile!

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  1. You are so lucky! Not just because she eats a lot, but because she will eat textured finger foods! Ryan will be 1 year this Friday and he still won't eat any finger foods (except Gerber puffs and shredded cheese). What is your secret?