Thursday, April 28, 2011

We love Daddy!

She was sleeping soundly, her cute petite lips cracked for her deep-in-sleep breaths. I needed to get up and shower, but I really didn’t want to leave her in our bed alone. With Scooby Doo (aka my husband) being gone this week, my daughter- we'll call her YumYum, has slept with me. This has been more for my benefit than hers, but she has slept surprisingly well. I think this is due to her pure exhaustion from constantly being mobile, coupled with her missing Dad, and daycare outdoor play. Plus the fact that she has had Scooby Doo’s entire side to roll out on to, plus the middle, plus most of my side of the bed, ensures she has plenty of room to sleep like Leonardo Di Vinchi envisioned (see below).

My Leonardo’s portrait likes wearing a tank top and a grass skirt for coverage.

The radio alarm clicked off, reminding me that my twenty minutes of coming fully present and awake was up, and my body better be up too, so I wouldn’t be late for work. I carried her heavy little body in to her crib, and right away- “weeeeaaaaaaaaaaa”. It wasn’t a scream, but rather a loud high-pitched whine. Then came the kicker “Mamamamamamaaaaaa”. Normally she calls for Daddy when she wakes up. I went to our bathroom and turned on the shower water and waited a few minutes, hoping she’d calm herself back to her sound sleep. With no such luck or fairy dust, I walked back into her room and greeted my desperately alone child. I picked her up and she immediately straddled me with her two chubby, sleepy, legs wrapped tightly around my waist. Her little arms copied mine and hugged me, but the tips of her fingers barley reached the sides of the back of my rib cage. She laid down her head on my chest, and I immediately fell in love all over again. I pouted and thought, how could I put this little angel back down? I walked with a 2nd body now attached to me to where I sat on the toilet next to the shower, waiting for her to eventually wake up with the bright lights on and it being two hours earlier than she normally would wake. She didn’t though. I tried to pull her back to look and her face full on, but she grunted and nuzzled her head closer to my chest. I melted again. I turned off my now steaming hot shower; rose with legs still attached to my side, and fell into bed. She sat on top of me lying down until I rolled her over, then she wiggle wormed her body up to be closer to me.

We slept for another 2 hours, and I was 10 minutes late to work. It was so worth it.

Even our bedroom light on full for 30 minutes, the radio on, Walter hitting his tail against the bed from it wagging, and my full-voiced "YumYum...wake up sweetheart" she would not wake up these last two mornings....

Our two bed hoggers.
This week, I’ve been tired. I last showered 2 days ago when a babysitter came over so that Jen, our hairdresser who was up from the bay, could give my mop a trim. The babysitter then had her hair cut, and afterwards, graciously stayed so I could shower off the exhaustion of a week just starting without Scooby Doo. How do single parents do it? Or parents who might as well be single because their spouses work so often? I stood with the hot water pelting on the curve of my neck and took a few deep breaths.

I admit the mornings where I hastily attempted to take Walter out before leaving for work, while trying to bundle up Em and placing her so effectively on my hip on the way down the stairs, and then waiting for her to climb the stairs on the way back up until she gave up ½ way, all the while watching the clock….trying to get ready without waking the sleeping goldilocks who had taken our bed… this was all a challenge. Emptying the dishwasher and closing it almost every time I took out a dish to unload so my daughter would not go into the dishwasher like the blueberry girl from Charlie in the Chocolate Factory…. seeing her get her first black eye, although its not tooooo bad- still breaks my heart (she fell into a table at daycare- cried for literally two seconds, until she was picked up... what a trouper).... the challenges of putting on a diaper by myself (normally Scooby Dooor I will hold down her arms and back to the floor while the other diapers… she does not like being in one place, especially on her back, for long periods of time) …Not crying with her when she would cock her head at the front door, and then me, and say “Dadadadada”, was incredibly heart wrenching. Three days. We were without Scooby Doofor three long, exhausting, pout filled, text messaged maxed, and 2 person dinnered days. But the morning-toilet-by-the-shower double bear locked hugs, the open mouthed wet kisses that she started giving me (the sloppier the harder she laughs when I kiss and then turn away to wipe her saliva off my lips and cheeks), our early evening soaking up the sun on the grass outside our apartment, the kiss she blew me in the car yesterday for the first time, the laughing for no apparent reason in the car, the LOVING holding my hand to walk outside and explore absolutely EVERYTHING, the quiet moments where there would not be a sound in the house except the hush of the breeze coming through the porch screen door where she would play contently with her toys or try and sneak into a box without letting me see her, playing peek-a-boo… I would not have rathered I spend my three days husband-less with anyone else. YumYum is my perfect partner, but I’m glad to have my other one back home tonight.  Scooby Doo and I celebrate our two year anniversary on Monday. It’s been an amazing two years…. I never thought we would have gone from….

Summer of 2006

To being engaged…..
October 4, 2009

To marrying....
May 2, 2009

My maid of honor in her speech had said that the first time she met Scooby Doo, he was playing softball, and I pointed him out as the "guy with the cute butt". After her speech, my Uncle Brian yelled from the front row- prove it Scooby Doo!

To expecting….

To having…..

And expecting again….

Only six years ago I met this man, and already I can’t wait to continue spending the rest of my life with him. I love you Scooby Doo.

And now some pictures from this week without Scooby Doo's guidance and assistance... :)

Her first shinner...

2 Nights of PB&J for both of us for dinner… we both had one sandwich. She had a snack of prunes after.

She does clean up well though! We worked on brushing our teeth this week too... :)

Plenty of time playing outside! She found a plastic egg in the bushes too! That's my girl!

And of course, had plenty of snuggles...

 We love you Daddy! :)

Double the fun! Now if only Scooby Doo could fit in the front seat with the seats
having to be all the way pushed up...

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  1. Beautiful post. This is how I think of you two every time we get to see you guys! :) love you!