Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things I’ve wanted to blog about but haven’t had time.

 Here's to playing catch up... a review on the last month:

-    It really sucks not having electricity in your house. The luxury of having hot water for showers and a stove for cooking will never again be taken for granted.

-     I wanted, really really wanted, to write to you all about my angel experience a few weeks back. Basically, I think I met an angel. I’ve never experienced it before- the world kind of stopped when I was talking to her. I opened the door for her at Khols, and this grandma slowly crutched her way to the door and told me I was beautiful. I said thank you, and she gently put her wrinkled soft hand on top of mine, and said, do you know how beautiful you are? Have your husband remind you. You are a blessed woman, yes you are. She spoke in gentle terms, not quite hushed, they were unrushed and steady, gently floating melodies. It was a beautiful moment. She said she had been married for 50 some odd years now. It was a beautiful moment amongst several other seamlessly hurried errands.

Anyone? Touched by an angel? I loved that show....
but it got a bit corny. I still watched it.

-     While getting my eyebrows waxed, my esthetician told me how her dog and her roommates dog had escaped a few days prior. Their two labs had JUMPED OVER their 6 foot fences. Then, somehow they casually survived a walk across one of the busiet intersections in the city and right before a freeway. They were spotted meandering the area and ended up at a store, the only known specialty store for freshly baked dog treats. The owners called the numbers on the tag and the dogs, regretfully, returned home. At least they had full bellies! The owners now have put ladders on top their fences to deter the dogs. Mission ~ Deter Dog Escape- SUCCESS, with the exception of the unsightly latter lying sideways on the wooden fence outside. Last I heard her roommate had already tried to add two feet of ply-wood to the 6-foot fences and was so proud of herself. The dogs both got over it that night.

-    My daughter is growing up so fast. She’s been a bit wobbly on her feet lately, but still sprinting throughout the house, jetting from one disaster area to the next. Unraveling toilet paper rolls, attempting to crawl in and out of bathtubs, eating dog food, hiding in her play kitchen’s refrigerator, and playing with ANY possible non-kid friendly item that we may have left out.

Caught in the act.

Little butts!

      She also eats any food that is found anywhere. Yes, I do mean soggy cheerios and have crumbled, stale pieces of bread that she finds in her carseat, in the collar of her dress, and last night- in her neck crevasse. I do clean off my child, I promise. I just wait till after she's done... for obvious reasons.
Eating a full PB&J sandwich... with crust.
      And of course, she loves playing with everything but toys.
You love water bottles!

Taking apart the Wii Sensor bar.

Finding Mom's pictures and going through them, under the coffee table,
and with her partner-in-crime no less.

You still fall asleep while eating sometimes....

Do you think anyone will notice if I walk through these wood rails? OOPS! They caught me again!
darn it... quick! play it off... *flashes cute face* hello friends!

      You've had your share of bumps and bruises. That phase of your life has started earlier than I had hoped. I try to protect you from everything, but sometimes you learn on your own.

First black eye. YumYum: 0. Coffee Table: 1.
      Apparently, she still hoards her food. Last week, I remember Scooby Doo playing with her. She thought it was absolutely hilarious to “feed Daddy”. She kept giving him Kicks off her plate, until she reached down in-between her thigh and the highchair and pulled out a cheerio (you can imagine my facial expression). She then fed it to Daddy, who said “I wonder how long that’s been there… yum… soggy”. J I love you both. Lately, YumYum has had major separation anxiety, and tears have come at every turn of the corner where mom cannot be seen. It is a HUGE meltdown, and as much as it pulls on my heart, she needs to pass this phase! She constantly wants to be held by me or Dad, and fortunately, has loved snuggling with the most recent addition to our home, MacGyver- Scooby Doo’s brother.
Snuggiling with Paula Deen (my sister)... *heaven*

      You're pretty worn out at the end of the day.... and still in the next morning sometimes too....

Note: The persons who own this bed, and like sleeping in this bed, are not in this bed... yet it is full!
      She turned one this past Sunday and we are celebrating this weekend. Unfortunately last weekend, she celebrated with a trip to Home Depot to get our new locks changed on our house, and to Meek’s to buy some pruning shears and gardening gloves. Hopefully, she’ll have a bit more fun this weekend. In buying her a birthday card, reading through my different options at Party City, I teared up when I found the card. My first reaction, “I’m so pregnant.” My second? “My little baby is turning one, of course I’m emotional”.
We love you.
-    I actually had another female from work tell me that I was getting bigger. I said, “Oh this one?” and pointed to my belly, “yeah he’s growing.” She said, “No I meant up top.”. Thank you. Really. I love hearing that. (Seriously?! GEEZ people!) Who likes hearing that you're getting big.. anywhere!

      -    Things I enjoy doing. #1 “Quiet” time with my husband. #2 Enjoying my new bath    
            tub. It is heavenly.

*heaven*... although, hopefully not too much of a resemblance.

-    My favorite room in the house? The sun room, although most would call it a front room. There’s this beautiful window that overlooks our front porch and lawn, you can look across the street and down the driveway. I absolutely love it. There’s no coffee table or television in that room, just two couches, two bookshelves, a reading lamp, and lots and lots of kids toys. Last night I curled up and read about 2 sentences in a new book before I got pulled away. The two sentences were bliss. If only I can remember which book I was trying to read… yes, it was a fleeting moment, but with the sun streaming down and YumYum contently attempting to hurdle her large block toys and getting stuck in between the end tables and couches, I was in heaven. J
Not exactly my front room... but this is how I felt.
Until next time!


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