Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things I love about my daughter

1)    YOU! Everything about your personality cracks me up. Sometimes, when you get excited, you throw your arms behind you – elbows locked, wrists bent backwards, palms facing up, and budda belly sticking out, you quickly do a horse-straddled stomp to your desired location. You usually wear a scowl when doing this, and it never ceases to crack me up.

2)    Our bedtime routine. You could be completely wide awake when I look at the clock- and think, “time for bed”. I sign “sleep” to you, and tell you it’s time for bed. I stand beside you and you grasp my index finger with your whole hand, and wave “bye bye” to Daddy and MacGyver. I walk you down the hall to your bedroom where I close the blinds, change your diaper if necessary, and grab your pajamas. I pick you up and sit on the rocking chair. Without fail, immediately you flop your head on my chest and arms around my side – Completely Still. It’s the best. It cracks me up too, because you can be wide awake moments before. I begin to change your clothes and put on your pajamas and you kindly let me lift your limp arm up horizontally so I can slide your arm through the sleeve. I flip you around to put on your bottoms, and you lie the back of your head in the space between my chest and stomach. As soon as I’m done, I flip you around and put one of your pink, fuzzy blankets and drape it over your back and make sure it’s up to your neck, nestling against your cheek. I put in your pacifier, and you calmly rock with me. With your arms around me and head on my chest, I sing to you or pray for you; I tell you how much I love you and how much I missed you today. Then I sing or hum to you again, and you rub your eyes with crab fists. After I have reconciled to part with you, I lift you up and lie you down in your crib. I get ready to turn by back and immediately you sit up- silent, pacifier in mouth, hands on the side of the crib. I say very calmly and quietly, “lie down please”, and you squat till you can plop your bottom down on the crib, and then drop the top half of your body on your stomach in a curled up ball. I stroke your face and rub your back and wait a few minutes, telling you how much I love you but it’s time to sleep. I do the sleep sign on your face, and your eyes close again and you snuggle your face closer to the blanket and sheets. I turn around and you stand up again, and I say “lay down please” and you do, again. After the third or so time, I leave as I see you standing up. I close the door and start to walk away, but instead lean my cheek against the door and listen for you. Silence. Completely still. You’re asleep for the night. I love you.

      3)    You absolutely LOVE your music, and LOVE to dance. Your dance involves, normally while holding on to the back of a chair or the arm of a couch, bending your knees up and down in a slight squat. Or you giggle and  make your arms stick out like a deformed airplane- not completely straight but not totally bent, and turn yourself in circles. You love copying MacGyver when he does this. Like clockwork, you start to dance anytime music plays- a commercial on the radio, the theme song to a television show, and especially when your CDs are playing.

 4)    You love the swing outdoors. It’s a three-seater with a shade cover and has the amazing ability to rock back and forth with absolutely no effort. It’s one of my favorite spots in the house, second to the couch by the windows in the front room. And as it turns out, it’s one of your favorite spots to. Although you do get up and back down, you always want back up. You sit next to me on the swing as we both eat our otter pops- I have two and you have one. We finish at the same time, and you sign all done, then more, as soon as you finish. You run around on the grass, tossing balls in and out of the pool, trying to eat tanbark, looking for Dad (he’s usually in the side yard weeding)….

5)    You still play with Bob. You’ll take his yellow chicken and start stomping off with it. Bob sees you and follows you and you hand it to him, but don’t let go. He pulls on one side of the toy as you laugh and pull on the other. One of you eventually wins the cutest game of tug-of-war I’ve ever seen, and then you do it all over again, running throughout the house, chasing to get the toy first. Bob barks at you when you won’t give it to him; you just thinking it’s hilarious.

6)    Softening my heart, you and Dad continue to grow closer as he spends the day with you. You two go to the water park, to the library for story time, play in the pool, go on walks with Bob, go to Home Depot, even go bowling and visit friends! You love sitting on his lap with your head cradled back against his chest; completely comfortable.

7)    Your many facial expressions. You do look exactly like Scooby Doo, but God had a sense of humor and gave you my facial expressions. Lovely. :)

These are only some of the things I love about you… I could always write more. But that’s all for now. I can’t wait to get home so we can snuggle and play, eat otter pops and giggle, dance and splash in the pool…. We love you. And of course, you’re part of Scooby Doo, which makes me love you even more.


  1. PRECIOUS! :) bed time routine is my favorite....awe. she's so adorable. you guys have a precious relationship.

  2. Ahh, so sweet. Makes me want to go give my girl a snuggle. :)