Friday, July 22, 2011

Our First Kiss- Happy 5 years love

I call him babe. The thought of him makes me giddy and a romantic at the same time.

Five years ago today, July 22, 2006, Scooby Doo and I started dating. I don’t know what made us look back and make that the day we made it “official”. I think that was just the first time we started holding hands. 4 days later, July 26, 2006, we had our first kiss.

His brother and roommate MacGyver, and his other roommate Aces, were trying to convince me how Batman Begins was not a scary movie, and how it was a classic- a “must see”. Little did they know that if it involved cuddling with Scooby Doo, I was all in, regardless of the movie. I would just close my eyes (which I did for most of it). The opening scene featured a mugging and a murder of Batman’s parents- to which I responded with, Awesome! Thanks guys! They said that was the worst part. To me it was the best, because that’s when Scooby Doo encouraged me to scoot a little closer and he put his arm around me. I put my head on his shoulder and was too excited that he was caressing my shoulder to pay attention to anything else. OH MY GOD I thought. I bit my lip and tried to scrunch my beaming smile into a grin. I am sitting next to an older, HOT, mature, Christian man, who knows what he wants, is pursuing a career, doesn’t live with his parents, he’s HOT, responsible with finances, humble, gentle, funny, confident, HOT man. And HE wants ME to sit closer with him. Ask me again? OKAY!!!!!

After the movie was over, I was SOOO BUMMED because it was still early enough to where I wouldn’t have to go home (yes, I was the cool one who lived with my parents. Give me a break though! I had just come back from college 2 months before. I was getting my feet on the ground.). The four of us started talking, until Aces went to bed, and then MacGyver. Scooby Doo and I sat there and chatted. I remember that we were both sitting facing each other on the couch, one leg up crossed, and the other feeling the carpet.  We talked about the movie, where he tried to explain it and I just loved that he was talking to me. We talked about my upcoming backpacking trip to Yosemite, which I would leave for the next day. Oh why did I have to meet this great guy right before I went backpacking! FOR A WEEK! 10 days actually. Eh- we’d live. It was nice not to have the pressure that comes with a young relationship, even though we were (are) a young relationship. There was no guilt, no obligation, no “should”s or shinnanigans. We just had fun. Isn’t that what dating is supposed to be like?

No “DTR” (define the relationship) talks, but there were plenty of summer walks outside his apartment in the settling of a hot summer day, we ran through the sprinklers once, and we had the sprinklers go off on us another evening when we were sharing a ½ gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream on a picnic blanket in the park next door. We dressed up for Halloween, which I hadn’t done in years, and it felt natural to go to Apple Hill with his folks and their friends, because we were comfortable with each other. It was so…. Natural. It scared the crap out of me later on, but that’s a different story.

Back to that night…. Both my knees were curled up on the couch, and my head was his shoulder. We were both tired, but neither one of us wanted to go to bed because it meant leaving…. Somewhere amidst our chatter he said, “if you don’t move, I might kiss you”. I grinned and bit my lip and didn’t move.

The next moments I’m keeping secret because they are some of my favorite memories, and I feel like it’d be impossible to choose words to describe that moment because those words don’t exist.  But it was innocent. It was simple. And it was very memorable. I’ll never forget our first kiss, or the ones after that, or the one when he proposed, or the one when he walked me down the aisle. I won’t forget the kiss he gave me on my forehead when I was in labor, and then on my lips after YumYum was born. I won’t forget the kiss he gave me when I left for work this morning, nor will I forget the one we will share tonight when I come home from work. I cherish our kisses. I cherish our relationship. I cherish our friendship. But the good news is I don’t have to tell Scooby Doo I cherish him, I can say I love him. And I did… just a few months after we started dating. We knew.

Here’s to five years, one dog, two kids, a house, ice cream binges, burnt meals, friend’s weddings, summer walks, running through the sprinklers, kisses and more- I love you babe.

During the speeches at our wedding, my Maid of Honor said pointed out who Scooby Doo was as the one on the softball field who had the "cute butt". My Uncle Brian then asked Scooby Doo to prove it. :)

Scooby Doo's roomates that night, Aces and MacGyver, holding our daughter YumYum

Our honeymoon spot in North Lake tahoe

Loving eachother five years later... can't wait for the 50 year mark and more....