Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Farewell pregnancy... hello new memories!

As I sludge through my last 23 days of pregnancy (expected), I grin and a little tear appears. This will most likely be our last time pregnant. I didn’t think I’d be done having kids at the age of 24. I also didn’t think we would have two kids at the age of 24. There are many things I won’t miss about being pregnant: the swollen ankles, the constant 24-hour heartburn, the back and neck aches … just to name a few. But there is a lot I will miss. That is what I’m dedicating this blog to.
My Mom holding me...

I will miss hugging my husband, and loving that our little family was completely holding each other tight- with one baby in the middle. I will miss being in the grocery store saying “excuse us”, when I’m shopping alone, but my ever-present awareness of the baby inside of me had me talking like I wasn’t. I have loved swaying him back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…. It relaxes both of us. I crack up thinking about how hard I’d have to push his boney little self back into my belly- and keep my hand there!- so he wouldn’t keep digging his heel into me. I’ll miss rocking YumYum to sleep and reading her a book, while trying to situate her so we are both comfortable. Normally, she ends up curled up like the moon, her body around my belly with her legs up and across mine, with her back leaning as much on my arm as possible and head snuggled to blend with my upper chest- all because baby Smiles was taking up quite a bit of room in the middle. Having my two babies at the same time, reading to them and rocking them to sleep; there’s nothing like it. There’s so much that’s absolutely incredible about having a little life growing inside of you. For YumYum, her personality in the womb was identically to how she was once she arrived. I’ll miss the kicking, stretching, rolling, turning, scooching, … I’ll miss the excitement of hearing their heartbeat when the doctor or midwife would share the stethoscopes.

The Lord has truly blessed Scooby Doo & I with two beautiful and wonderful children. YumYum continues to delight us with her stubborn independence, quirky sense of humor, and genuinely joy-filled heart. She will be such a great friend and sister to Smiles.
It feels like I was just pregnant with YumYum.... oh wait--- I was!  Born in May 2010, I feel like I have been constantly pregnant for the last two years. But it was fun.... here's us at 37 weeks with YumYum.

I CAN wait, but I look forward to the soccer games, school drawings, precious moments, sibling moments, the unforgettable moments, Christmas morning and Easter egg hunts, birthday parties and graduations, …

My Amazing Parents

My Awesome In-Laws
God blessed Scooby Doo & I with absolutely wonderful parents. I hope that we can raise our kids and show them how much we love and accept them. I pray God will give us the grace to be patient, the patience to persevere, and the perseverance to continue trying…. I pray that we pass along to them the truly important things in life- that what truly matters is your relationship with the Lord (first), and your relationships with people (second).

Our families:
Scooby Doo's:




2010- Mom had something in her teeth...

Paula Deen loves being a part of this family. :)

We all love being part of this family. It's in our blood. :) Well... kinda. :)

2010 - Me (007) (pregnant with YumYum), my Mom, my Dad, Shiner, Paula Deen
I love the man that Scooby Doo is, and I am confident he will continue to amaze me in his drive to be the best Dad he can be for his kids, and the best husband he can be to me. To me, he has exemplified financial maturity, wisdom, patience, and honesty. Our kids would be blessed to learn these qualities from him.

I can’t wait to meet our Smiles. I know he will be here before we can blink!

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