Friday, August 12, 2011

Things I love

After the birth of our first child, I had a really hard time remembering who “me” was. I was a Mom (aka a boob, a lifeguard, a nurse, a watchdog), and I couldn’t remember what else.

So with Smiles rounding the corner- hopefully- I wanted to make a list of things about me. This way, if I’m having issues remembering what I enjoy doing or the fun things that make me “me”, I can remember. To help me out (and have a bit more fun), I visited a few survey websites, and used some of their questions. So here it goes!

My Favorite Foods:
Ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia (not the low-fat yogurt kind, the real stuff), Vanilla with caramel syrup, Baskin Robins’ Love Potion 31 & Blue Gum
Cookie: I won’t turn down a cookie unless it’s supposed to be healthy for you, but I love sour cream softies (let me know if you want the recipe!), chocolate chip, and the really soft sugar cookies with the yummy soft, crumbly frosting

I feel like a new woman after…
Getting my car washed
Getting my eyebrows waxed
Getting a massage
In my spare time, I love…
Playing solitaire on my Droid
Reading a great book in bed

What really relaxes me…
Is going on a spontaneous trip somewhere- by myself or with one other close friend (I’ll have to write a blog about some of my previous adventures)
Is taking a hot bath or shower

People I love…
My family means the world to me…

My love language is…
Gifts, then quality time

I love…
Having flowers around the house
Having a really clean house
Having a really clean house that I didn’t clean
Keeping most of the lights on in the house, windows open, the fresh breeze

Favorite Book?
Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance
Escape by Carolyn Jessup
Don’t Let Me Die by Lindsay Caldwell

Book I’ve started the most but never finished?
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Only if it has something deep fried in it, or avocado

Worst Habit?
Pen chewer

This or That…
Bungee Jump or Skydive?
Skydive. But even then, why jump out of a perfectly good plane?

Sun or Stars?

Fruit or Vegetable?

French Toast or French Fries?
Depends- Red Robin’s French fries, otherwise- probably French toast (well done)

Strawberries or Blueberries?

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Spiderman or Batman?
Batman, because Spiders freak me out.

Hot Chocolate or Coffee?
Hot Chocolate

Camping or Backpacking?

Paddle Boat or Motor Boat?
Paddle Boat

Have you ever…
Played the Lottery?

Picked up a hitchhiker?

Given money to someone homeless?
Yes, and a bible to a homeless man, and food to a homeless guy on the side of the road.
Stopped to help someone on the side of the road?
Yes, twice. Once was a large Mexican family that I ended up driving 2 hours out of the way to get them where they needed to be. The other was a high school girl who had gotten into a car accident (hit and run) on the 80.

Chickened out?

Best Party?
Potlucks. With people that can cook. And with a BBQ.

Favorite Restaurant?
Somewhere I’ve never been.

How do you like your eggs?
Over hard with no runny yellow

Jazz, Country, Christian- probably in that order, but they rotate every few months.

Stupidest Decision?
Involved a mine, a man, two girl, and being “spontaneous” – totally a PG story, by the way

Most humorous stupid decision?
Santa Cruz beach with an ex-boyfriend and getting caught by beach patrol.

Favorite Gadget?
Any gadget

Before I was married.

Loved it.

Two, and probably one more after Smiles' born that represents him & YumYum
When I get really angry I…
Cry. I used to have to get it out physically – run, drive, etc. – but that didn’t prove safe or helpful.

When I have hurt feelings I…
Snap back
Silent treatment

Sex before marriage?
NOPE! And proud of it!

Best kiss?
Any of Scooby Doo when he’s feeling extra gentle.

Worst Movie Ending Ever?
Sweet November

Favorite TV Show?
Combat Hospital
White Collar

Favorite Comedy?
The Hangover

Favorite Pastime?
Reading for hours on end on Saturday mornings

Favorite Color?
Navy Blue

Favorite Manufactured Smell?
Kim Kardashian Perfume For Women

Favorite Natural Smell?
An open field

Favorite Season?

Favorite Shoes?
Barefoot or Tennis Shoes

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage?
Beer, sometimes I like a pina colada

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage?
Diet Coke

Favorite Candy?
Peanut M&Ms

Favorite Starbucks Drink?
Soy Strawberries & Cream, no whip

Favorite Subway Sandwich?
BLT on white, dry, no cheese, with B, L, T, avocado, extra olives, salt & pepper, and oil & vinegar and a macadamia nut cookie.

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