Sunday, November 13, 2011

She held the breast pump up to her chest.

Our daughter continues to amaze us. She is growing and learning so fast, we can barley keep up! Hence, I write to preserve the memories that I know my sleep-deprived memory may subconsciously release.

Here are 10 Examples of how YumYum is keeping us amazed, laughing, and proud, on a daily basis.

Example #1)
For the past few days, YumYum has had a cold. Now, MacGyver, myself, and Smiles are showing signs of getting sick. We have sore throats, and sneezing, coughing, the true Winter Cold has hit the Miller household. As Scooby Doo was holding Smiles this morning, he commented on how warm he was. I agreed, saying I think he may have a low fever. Smiles started to fuss and squirm a bit. At this, YumYum disappeared into the back of the house. About two minutes later, she came back with a thermometer. Does she know something we don't? Wow... we never used the word "thermometer" or "temperature". The thermometer was put away in a drawer in her closet where we keep the kids' "sick" stuff, Vicks vapor rub, the thermometer, teething gel, etc. Our daughter is brilliant.

Example #2)
MacGyver has a magnetic baby gate on his door, which when he is in his room, he keeps unlocked to let YumYum come in and out. As I was walking past her in the hallway, YumYum was at MacGyver's door saying "beep, beep, beep, beep" and poking her finger at the lock, as if she was pushing numbers into a keypad. Then she she opened the gate and walked in. I asked MacGyver if he had taught her that. "Nope" he said. I hadn't either.

Example #3)
YumYum enters the living room with A&D and a diaper (granted, it was Smiles') in hand. She then proceeds to lie on her back in the kitchen. WHAT?!?!

Example #4)
YumYumrepeatedly tries to give Walter her pancakes this morning. I explain that Walter does not eat food off the floor and explain that he has his own food and water dish that is only his. About 15 minutes later, I see her taking a piece of pancake from her zip lock "snack" bag, walking over to Walter's empty food bowl, and placing it in it. She walks away, he eats it. She repeats the process. Seriously? Talk about cheating the system! :)

Example #5)
YumYum sits in her highchair, asking for water. We give her a kids' cup and she still says "water" and points to the counter, where there was another kids' cup with milk from earlier that morning. MacGyver says, "No YumYum. You have to drink the water you have because this is milk. It's yucky from this morning, okay?". She nods her head in agreement, and drinks the water that she has on her highchair already. What?!! No tantrum?

Example #6)
YumYum now gives her "dolly" a pacifier, and sweetly wipes her mouth with a burp cloth fairly often. She snuggles the dolly several times throughout the day, putting the dolly up to her shoulder and patting her back several times. And she never fails to cover the dolly with a blanket. If she finds a bottle, she will try and give the bottle to the baby.

Example #7)
YumYum was playing in MacGyver's room, when MacGyver says, "Ok YumYum. We have to leave my room now, I have to go poo-poo". (Disclaimer: I did check to see if it was okay that I wrote this with MacGyver... it was. :)) YumYum nods her head and proudly walks out of her room and into the bathroom across the hall and puts her hand on the toilet. SWEET! Does this mean you're ready to potty train soon?

Example #8)
She found an empty bottle. She unscrewed the cap, and stood underneath the left side of the refrigerator door, standing up on her tippie toes, and holding the bottle up as high as she could to the water dispenser in the door of the refrigerator. She still couldn't reach it, but apparently that was OK, because a few seconds later she put her heels back on the ground, and proceeded to drink the empty water bottle.

Example #9)
As I was in our bedroom pumping, YumYum took my single-manual breast pump, looked at me, pulled up her shirt, and put the suction cup to her chest. She then proceeded to make the sound "shsh shsh shsh", emulating the only sound...yep.... OH LORDIE.

Example #10)
I've never curled my hair in YumYum's lifetime. Yet yesterday, she took the curling iron out of my bathroom drawer, and put it to her head, holding it there perfectly. Then she put it down and looked up at me, smiling.

Two days before her 1 1/2 year birthday, our daughter continues to show us how smart she is, and how much she understands.