Friday, February 10, 2012

21 Months old

To my baby girl,

Darling, you will be 21 months old next Wednesday, 3 months away from turning 2. Someone must have told you because you think it’s hilariously entertaining to pretend you’re two years old already.

These days …

  • Favorite word: SOCKS, SHOES … It’s a tie!!! You are pulling your socks and shoes off constantly, and then wanting to put them back on. Putting you in tights for church is disastrous! You get the “toes” pulled off so they dangle about six inches from your toes and then you just whiiinnnneeeeee. It’s pretty cute. J
  • You love reading books. Several times Scooby Doo and I have gone to wake you up in the morning (sounds like such a sin, waking up a sleeping child), and you're happily sitting in your crib with a pacifier and blanket, just reading a book, turning the pages on your own... my heart leaps for joy at such a sight!
  • You love cooking and baking, especially desserts. Mostly Shiner makes desserts with you, but the other day I made cookies with you. It was hilarious! They were chocolate chip cookies that we were rolling into balls. Well, I rolled them, you squashed them. Once you got over how funny that was, I started just handing the dough balls to you and you would put them on the baking tray. Each time I handed one to you, you would look at me, smile, and go “ahrm” and try to eat it! Obviously you’ve done your baking with Shiner ….. I love baking with you.
  • We now do your hair (most mornings). You don’t particularly enjoy it, but you tolerate it if you can hold the rubber bands while we get your pony ready. We do lots of pigtails. Your hair is still really quite thin, and your bangs aren’t long enough… needless to say, ponytails alone don’t last very long. There’s been quite a few mornings when you’ve ripped out your pigtails on the way to day care, and when I get out of the car to get you out of your car seat, you’re just sitting there- eyebrows raised- “Yes, Mommy? Whatever could you want?” You’re a character.

  • YumYum, Can you smile?

    YUM YUM! (proceed to reach to tickle her)
    You LOVE to dance. Your dance moves resemble someone on crack. Or, maybe, you just look like a one year old dancing. It’s pretty spastic, and normally involves endless circles until you fall down, say “boink”, and do it all over again.
  • Your favorite toys to play with are your wooden ABC blocks, cars, kitchen foods (GRAPES)
  • You still love your baths. Yesterday you were being very particular, lining up each toy on the edge of the bathtub. Each rubber animal had to sit in or on top of one of your toy buckets. All the buckets had to be lined up PERFECTLY, and in a certain order. You rearranged them several times, trying to move them by just picking up the bucket. Then the rubber animal would fall out, you would say “OH NO!”, and then pick it up, and put it back on top. When I asked you where certain animals were, you pointed to them. You were delighted at my acknowledgement and applause. You were so proud of yourself. You pointed out the black penguin (can’t say this one yet- but it’s probably your favorite… you get SO CONCERNED when the 1” little dude is deflated…), the blue octopus (“octo”), the blue hippo (“HIPPO!”), the red crab (“ab”), each of your buckets (buck-et)… your “pointing” is so eloquent and specific. You point right to exactly what I’m talking about.
  • You can read the same books over and over and over and over and over. You have recently discovered pop-ups, and now I know why pop-ups are always torn.
  • You are like your Daddy! He always tries to get things in the same trip, regardless of how full his arms are! It will take us 10 minutes to get down the hall to go to bed because you need to carry your 4 books, 5 pacifiers, blanket, bear, doll, and water. You need to do it though- all by yourself! You’ll still only let us take a single book or maybe two.

I love you,

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