Friday, February 10, 2012

Anonymous.. Hello. My name is...

Hi all,

You may have noticed some recent changes in my blogs when I'm talking about certain people, places, etc. In an effort to be able to speak more freely and safely, I'm making my blog anonymous. YES- obviously, if you know me, you know me. And if you THINK you may know me, my picture will be there on the blog.

But for those of you cyber readers, who don't know where I work or where we live, we love you- but I want to keep our friendship cyber-based. Please don't have hurt feelings.

So ya'll should notice some nicknames. I'm trying to go back and replace any references in past blogs, and since I can't edit comments once posted, I've had to delete some very sweet comments.

Please, in your comments (which I LOVE to read!), refrain from using any of our real names.

Thank you!


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