Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pantry Rehaul

I found it on pintrest. Dang pintrest. I saw pictures of this fabulous pantry. It was painted a different color than the normal white, and everything was in tupperware and labeled! It was gorgeous! My first thought was- I would cook if my pantry looked like that! I know that eventually ScoobyDoo would appreciate it, since I wouldn’t be buying a spice, that I already had four of in the pantry. Sure – when I started unloading the pantry and putting everything out on to the tables, counters, and floor, I don’t think he was as grateful. :) 

It wasn’t as quick as I thought it would be. It was a weekend project, not a Saturday-afternoon-during-the-kids-naptime project. And it was IMMENSELY easier to tackle with help. I highly recommend enlisting a partner to help you tackle projects like this. Especially if you have young children that will need the supervision of another (we’re up to three adults now) person to ensure they’re not eating all said food on the tables, counters, and floor. If you know someone that loves you unconditionally, and happens to work at Kelly-Moore paints, this person might prove to be your rescuer later on….

So I started by taking some starter photos of what my pantry looked like before I got started. This was motivating enough!

Then I took everything out. This is when it started to get scary.

Having multiple dining chairs, as well as a child’s gate, proved to be extremely helpful in creating a baracade between my pantry-rehaul project and the hungry gremlins on the other side.

Then I decided to try and do what I could, without going to the store. Have I mentioned how much I despise shopping? Well, I do. So I knew that I had some leftover paint in the garage from random projects, as well as white spray paint. PERFECT! I broke out the spray paint, and started layering the shelves. I didn’t realize how scuffed up they were! GROSS!

Granted, it did take forever and 100 layers of spray paint to really thoruoughly do the kind of job that you would want to be done. Yeah you could do a cheap job and fix it up later, but when is the next time you’re really going to want to do this? So I went through two bottles of spray paint, and then ScoobyDoo offered to take Smiles and YumYum to Home Depot and get two more. Every time I spray painted, the kids would need to be out of the house for several hours. This was one of those weekends that I was so glad that ScoobyDoo is such a task-oriented person. He tackled his to-do list like only Scooby Doo can.

After I went through the next two bottles of spray paint, I got a call from my beloved cousin. I had talked to her the day before, and invited her and her gorgeous family to come up, but I hadn’t heard back yet. Let’s see… I haven’t named her yet! Well, she’s absolutely the sweetest person ever, with a completely genuine heart to match… let’s call her HotMama. I think that name fits her pizzaz perfectly. J HotMama said her and StudlySidekick, her husband, were going to be able to come up for the day! We-who! They were bringing their son too! (I haven’t thought of a name for him yet…) I told HotMama about the crazy project I decided to take on, and she proceeded to answer every question I had. We ended the conversation with, don’t worry – we’ll figure out everything when I get there. I love that girl!!!

So we painted the shelves with primer/paint duo can (turns out you need that primer stuff to get rid of all the color). Then we used the leftover spray paint to spray paint the design that I found at Beverly's on to the back of the wall. It added that perfect touch I was looking for.

It was about then I started to get really excited. :) :) :)

First, I did an inventory of the food we had. I wasn't sure how many bins I wanted to buy, so I got took out my grocery bags and sorted stuff accordingly. I ended up creating a few "bags" - this showed me what size I needed the bins to be, what kind, etc. etc. So I have a baking supplies bin, a bread bin, kid's candy bin, adult candy bin, pasta (I think this was a few bins)... Then, it was all about the....

I wanted to buy clear bins so I could see through them once everything was put away. Turns out the dollar store had some great buys!!!! I was in heaven. I barracaded myself in the back of the store sorting the tupperware, laying it out - comparing the sizes with what I had written down on my 3 x 5 notecard. ScoobyDoo ended up doing a Target run for the large bins at the bottom, as well as the two "cereal" type/pour from tupperware.

I ended up going to label heaven of course. How can you go to all this trouble of organizing everything, and then not add labels? I highly recommend it.

One of my favorite parts of the pantry is my spice rack! I got these great things off Amazon, and I just saw them in the December issue of Current Magazine! I will never again buy 5 of the same spice (which happens all to frequently). They're plastic holders, similar to what would be in your garage to hold up things like your broom, mop, etc. so they don't touch the floor. I went to Home Depot to buy that originally, but they only had really heavy duty metal ones, and they were much more expensive than what I was willing to send. Amazon (gotta love them right?) ended up having the item that fit the bill.

You can get them here:, or just search "SpiceStor Organizer Rack 20 Cabinet Door Spice Clips" on Amazon. I bought two sets of 20, and spent less than $15, and less than $20 after shipping. Not a bad deal if you ask me!

*Warning- if you go on Amazon and search organization supplies + pantry + kitchen, beware that millions of items will be forever burned in your mind. Images of spice racks, inserts, racks, separators.... you will want to go hog-heaven and buy everything. Don't. Remember you'll end up regretting if you spend a lot of money, your spouse probably won't be thrilled, you'll have to wait longer to get it all delivered (delayed gratification?), and if you're anything like me, you'll probably get overwhelmed as you will inevitably purchase items for organizing other parts of your kitchen. STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR MISSION! And just get some of these cool $7 spice racks! :)

ScoobyDoo also placed tiered 2 x 4's on one of the shelves. This was great for all of our canned items.

Once I had everything where I wanted it, I changed it around.
And then I did it again.
And then I was DONE!!!!

Turned out pretty cool huh?

(I hate the fact that because the "crackers" box wasn't centered evenly, that I questioned whether or not to post this picture. I executed an evil laugh in the face of my type A personality, and posted it anyways! Go me!)

I've loved cooking with my new pantry, and I look forward to doing more! (For those of you who know me, this is not a normal statement that would come from me. I assure you, this post is I, 007, writing.)

Thank you to HotMama and ScoobyDoo for all of your help! I couldn't have donated it without you!!