Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Juicing- An Experiment


Mode: Breville Juicer

Carrots, Apples, Beets, Oranges, Pears, Celery, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Lemon, Strawberries, Honeydew, Bell Peppers

Day 1: 4 Carrots, 1 Large Apple, 1/2 Beet
Servings: 1 Adult.
Rating: Unknown. ScoobyDoo drank it.

Day 2: 3 Apples, 1 Orange, 1 Pear, 1 Beet
Servings: 2 Adults + 1/2 Kid Serving
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Couldn't taste the beet as much as I expected. Not any greens, but a good breakfast juice.

Inspiration of the Day: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Watch the trailer here:

Meander through various recipes, articles, and such through his blog here:

Question of the Day: What's your idea of a great first juice for those juicer newbies out there?

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  1. Facebook Comments:

    Mistina ~ How were the beets? I am totally afraid of beets

    Barb ~ You look great!

    Tricia ~ We juice with what we get from our CSA veggie box, which is usually kale or collard greens (something dark green) then add celery, carrot, and sometimes ginger, lime, etc. Mix with apple juice & voila! Even the kiddos drink our juice.

    Allison ~ Do you have a lot of veggie and fruit waste or does it all turn into juice? Just asking because my mom has poisoned my mind against juicing for two reasons: eating the entire fruit/ veggie is best for you and because of all the waste.

    Melanee ~ FS&ND is a great doc. I love juicing

    Tricia ~ Allison- If you have a compost pile, the leftover pulp from juicing is a perfect fit. It's true that you'll get more fiber from eating whole fruits/veggies, but personally, I can't eat that much food in one day compared to what I juice. Juice is a great addition to whole fruits & veggies.

    Christina ~ Love that documentary. One of my faves.

    007 (Me): Mistina, if you peel the beets, you get rid of that nasty earthy taste. My friend Nikki suggested pairing kale with an orange! Looking forward to trying that tonight! Tricia, don't you love veggie boxes! We get the one from my work now and then, but sometimes it's just so much!! After a few unsuccessful recipes, I'm starting off slow- using a lot of sweet apples and yummy pears to help the greens go down. I'll get there eventually! Allison, once we start composting, we won't be wasting anything! With most juicers, you can just throw the entire fruit or veggie in (stem/stalk/seeds/core/peel) and all! The better your juicer is, the drier your pulp will be. (This is a good test). If your juicer is squeeezzzzing everything out, then nothing is wasted! If you'd like to compost the dry stuff (everything left once the juice gets sucked out of it), that's a great way to use it! Good comment Tricia! My friend at work just got a book on composting and is starting it out. I'm looking forward to getting some helpful hints from her before we start ours this summer. I think it'll be neat for the kids to see it too. On to update my blog for tonight! Thanks for being my juice buddy girls!