Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Still Juicing?

It's been exactly 2 weeks since I started some serious juicing (January 16) , and let me tell ya - I'm feeling great. So great that exactly 1 week ago, I decided to focus on eating only fruits and vegetables. With a few exceptions (two occasions that come to mind), I've stuck to it! Now because I'm such an all or nothing person, and it normally doesn't end up well when I have that mentality, I tried to be a bit more reasonable with myself. I. Love. Food.

I have no desire to go on a juicing spree and sit on the toilet for a month strait and be the healthy kid at the lunch table nibbling on her kale and 2 slices of apple. But after I started juicing two weeks ago, I realized how easy it was, and how good I was feeling - the later being the more swaying deciding factor. I wasn't having to snack in-between meals because I was hungry. I didn't need that caffeine pick me up when I first started my day, or after lunch around that I-want-to-take-a-nap-now hour. I was feeling good. I didn't have the upset stomachs or guilt that normally accompany my latest trip to Carl's Jr. or McDonalds.

Probably the biggest thing was, I didn't feel deprived. I don't feel AT ALL like I'm on a diet. I just am choosing to eat better. And the automatic result (not many of those in life) is I'm feeling great and looking great!

The Juicy Details
- No alcohol - no exceptions.
- No caffeine - no exceptions.
- Adding a cup of milk, a single low-cal or fat-free yogurt, and a servings worth of Slimfast powder isn't going to kill my eating plan. On the contrary, adding a serving of the chocolate Slimfast powder has made my morning berry smoothie quite yummy. ("Recipe" below).
- My only snack, if I need or want something to munch on, are raw almonds.
- Attempt to use more greens that fruits. Fruit is easy for me to eat. I could eat Granny Smith apples and fresh, yummy, juicy oranges all day long. But kale, cucumber, red cabbage, leeks, spinach? Not so much.

- Don't set a time limit. This added to the feeling that I felt like I wasn't on a diet. I didn't want to go on a juice fast, or say "10 days without..." or 60 days ... that just overwhelms me and sets me up for failure! One garlic roll - and what the heck- I already missed that mark! Just juice because you want to (even if you don't in the beginning). And then take each day as it comes (after the first four).

- Don't go through to fast food. Easy.

When you go out to eat, weigh your options. My family & I went to Chucky Cheese. We left on a weeknight a little after 6PM, and everyone was already hungry and tired. It ended up being a great little outing. We were there till 7:30, and the kids had a blast. I spent most of my evening taking Smiles between the miniature Merry-go-round and the Chucky Cheese car ride that takes your picture. But at one token a ride, and 40 tokens for $10 bucks, we had plenty tokens left over from our last outing. I digress.

The point being was it was late, and I didn't want to make it later and "all about me" by taking the time to juice. I had been home for half an hour, and juicing just wasn't one of the first things I did. So I decided to go out with my family, and have some pizza. We chose a great pizza, and I wasn't going to eat so much that I was going to leave miserable. The thing about juicing is once you start, you don't have a huge desire to have that piece of pizza or gino-hamburger. And trust me - I LOVE MEAT! I've always said I could never become a vegetarian. But when your system is used to easily digesting so many yummy healthy things, something greasy that could turn your stomach sour just isn't appealing. So I didn't have that desire to have another slice of pizza, even though there was one slice left after everyone was done eating. I didn't say "why not" when no one wanted to "kill the last slice".

So here's my "cheers" to juicing. DO IT! I promise you if you don't feel great in a week, come bash me with a cucumber or label me a "juice freak". But if you try it, and love it, you can't keep it a secret. Promise?

See you soon!


Morning Fruit Smoothie (2 Servings)
- 1/2 Bag frozen fruit (We buy Winco's bag. It's less than a buck a bag, and only has frozen blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.)
- 1 Yogurt
- 1 Banana
- Milk (enough to thin it just a bit... 1-2 cups)
- 1 serving of Slimfast powder (optional... we didn't use this for the first few times we made it (ScoobyDoo has been juicing with me - and he is such a huge encourager!) and it still gave me plenty of energy to go till lunch without snacking or being hungry.

*Helpful Hint - Find a buddy to juice with. They don't have to be gung-hoe. They can do it at whatever level they feel comfortable doing it. Juicing one meal a day, or three a day. But it's really encouraging to have that friend whose not just encouraging you "in spirit".

Have fun, and Happy Juicing! 

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