Friday, February 1, 2013

February - The Month of Love (oh brother)

It's natural to get that warm fuzzy feeling when someone talks about the birth of their child, or their son's wedding, or best friend's farewell party. I'm not super ooey-gooey, but I get it.

But when someone talks about their spouse and you get a glimpse of genuine love... that's what gets me emotional. Now there's so many different kinds of love: being in love, lust, the first two years kinda love, 60 years of marriage love, the love of growing a family, and everything in between.

I'm pretty blessed to have a story that I hope upcoming generations can look up to, and seek advice from someday. With a 50% divorce rate, it makes me wonder what happens. But I think that I'd like to focus on the other 50%, that have made their marriages, work, thrive, and grow. A friend and I were talking about deal breakers, and somehow I ended up saying "Yep- there are no deal breakers in marriage."

He said really? I said ya, when you make that promise it's forever. That's what we had in mind.

Dealbreakers are for dating. When you date someone, the intention is to get to know each other. To have FUN! To be spontaneous. To be adventurous. To watch a movie, to go out for ice cream, to stay up late talking, to sneak away, to have moments where you remember how in awe you are of him, to say a prayer of thankfulness. OR- realize that he's not the one, despite your first thought, and know God has someone else for both of you that's exponentially a better fit.

I remember walking away from our first date. He was walking me to my car and I was grinning ear to ear, trying not to look rediculously goofy and smitten. I got home and I wrote in my journal, that I'm going to marry that man.

I remember when he proposed, I hate absolutely NO CLUE. I wanted to be married to him so bad. Before I met him, I had "planned" (haha) on getting married in my 30's. I always had heard that your 20s were for "self discovery" (I always thought that was Junior High. I guess it's both.). I hadn't planned on meeting my husband when I was 19. But like my girlfriend told me at work yesterday, some of the best things that happen in life are the things we don't plan. And I'm so glad he happened.


We did fake tattoos...
that we bought from a yogurt shop's toy machine....


He bought be flowers...

We'd cook dinner together once in a while.
I knew I loved him when he volunteered to do the dishes!

Road trips!
Day trip to the Lake
Kayaking - I'm glad we both wanted singles! 

He makes me smile :)

Church Weekend Away

He bought us dancing lessons for Christmas... I loved our weekly fox trot date.

Kings Game

And then....

 There's no deal breakers in marriage. It's not always easy. It's not always fun. You may have times where you aren't best friends, or you just aren't clicking. But there are no deal breakers in marriage. So work it out. Talk with friends that love and support your marriage and your spouse. Go to marriage counseling. Get in the Word. And never give up.  Because someday, you could be like my grandparents, renewing their vows on their 60th wedding anniversary.

I love you Poppee & Meemee! xoxo

And in honor of Valentine's Day coming up.....

If you want something to make you go run to your sweetheart, make you cry, or make you say a prayer of thankfullness, watch the below videos....  IN ORDER!

Video #1

Video #2:

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