Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Plan.

The Plan.

Disclaimer: See above.

Also: note that a variety of career paths have been decided. You think it. I've looked into it. Seriously.

And: there may or may not be other things that I want to do more, but I think this plan offers the most benefit to my family. Additional school debt, hours on the job, potential salary, potential career growth, etc. all were considered.

Duh: It may change, but I'm going to try and stick with it. So I can have some peace, and my husband can breathe.

Work in a Christian environment where I can help at-risk children, specifically minors and young adults who are victims of sex-trafficking. Be one of the key influencers in their life through consistency, accountability, and longevity, as well as place other key people in their life to restore, nurture, protect, and help these girls succeed.

Mode: Social Worker (most likely in Agency Services)

Alternatives w/ same education: Social Services Administrator, Adoption Counselor, Forensic Social Worker, Child & Family Counselor

Education Required: Masters in Social Work, possibly a Masters in Psychology would be helpful?
  • Mode: the local State University, online/distance education (so far much more expensive than local CSU)
  • Cost: About $4,000/semester (2 year program = $16k; 3 year weekend program = $24k)
  • Means: savings, grants, scholarships, state and federally funded programs, title 4e?
  • Time: The local CSU only starts MSW students in the Fall.
  • Options: They have an intensive weekend-only, 3 year program that is offered once every three years as well as a FT 2 year program. The full time MSW Program is four semesters. The three year and weekend intensive programs are six semesters. The website says the next chohort available for the 3 year program is in 2015.
  • Extremely Competitive: GPA, work experience, SW community involvement, SW volunteer involvement.
Un-met Pre-Reqs:
  • Stats class (may have met already??)
Average Salary:
According to Salary.com (which is probably unreliable), it is on average, $59,833. Normally what I've seen is considerably less than that, however, it depends in what venue. State workers vs. private agency vs. healthcare, etc. It looks like it varies a lot. Maybe other people would have some insight into this??

So. There's a plan. What do you think? ScoobyDoo - thoughts? You're probably used to your crazy wife throwing out ideas like this, but hey, this is actually an idea that you would be able to look down the road and see what's coming.

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