Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dear YumYum

My daughter is the most perfect and precious of children. Scooby Doo and I didn't want to call any daughter of ours "princess" as we thought it held an association with a high level of entitlement. But how can you not call Her princess? She walks around the house with her pink and blue plastic dress-up necklaces, her treasured plastic Cinderella purple shoes and jeweled crown. She approaches me with all of the grace and tenderness in the world, as if I were a baby born early. She asks, concerned, "What happened?" and points out a nickel-sized scrape, an injury probably half as severe as your most mildest of paper-cuts. She apologizes with the most sincere of apologies, and gently caresses the surface of the "owied" skin with her butter smooth (and often food-covered) fingertips. She bends down low to the ground, not wanting to move my perfectly mobile limb, and blesses me with a kiss. Her kisses are not ordinary kisses. They are not "as if" they are from The Angel; they really are from Her. Her gaze lifts and she blesses my undeserving self with the sweetest kiss I have ever received. She says in the voice of a young child, but with the heart of a wise Grandmother, "Is your owie all better now Mommy?" Maybe someday she will know that a single kiss from her, a single touch, a glance --- any one of these from here forever healed any owie from my past, and my future. Thank you My Angel; our Princess. What would I do without your kisses? I thank the Lord, and your father, for you every day.

Your Mommy


Conversations with my YumYum......

1. Mommy the moon is following me (while driving).

2. YumYum: the phone is broken mom. Fix it. YumYum, I can't fix it tight now. Can you count the trees? Okay, ill count the trees. 12233 20.

 3. You insisted on brushing your teeth while you were on the toilet. Naked. You proceeded to sit quite contently.
Belle came to your 3rd Birthday party!

4. See you later crocodile.
You loved chatting with the sheep when they visited town.

5. It's okay Smiles, I'm coming. Here Smiles, pronounced using only the first and last letter of his name. Here is your paci/water/book.
Big Sister.

6. Snuggling quietly in bed, "I love you too Mommy" (I didn't say anything first :))
You love wearing your "Turkey Day" shirt... even in June.

7. Snuggling before bed, sing my beautiful song. (Which goes something like "YumYum" you are so beautiful, very beautiful, why?, because Jesus made you. Beautiful oh beautiful... ... it's different every time.)
You pick out your clothes. You CONSTANTLY talk about things "matching".

8. Snuggling before bed, "You're beautiful Mommy"
Playing Lions.
 9. "I love that butterfly on your privates Mommy." "YumYum that butterfly is not on my privates, its on my hip." "Ok Mom, I love that butterfly on your hip."
Daddy's Girl
10. You lay everything out in the mornings. Everything. It takes you 15 minutes to get dressed, 14 minutes of which is laying out your clothes. You put everything in a perfectly straight line, each sock, each bracelet, each shoe - all lined up. You do it with your toys too.
A little bit too much like me.

 11. Can you kiss it all better Mom? Thanks Mom.

12. I like to snuggle you Mom. Here, I keep you safe.
I love your silly side.

13. We're driving through the forest Mom! (in a residential neighborhood that happened to have more greenery than usual.)

Dressing up like Poppee.

14. I'm really hungry for candy.

You're always hungry. :)

15. I'm sorry little guy (patting Smiles' back). *walks away, immediately turns back towards Smiles* its really okay my little little guy.

The way you care for your brother....

melts my heart.

16. Your hair is really crazy Mom. And my hair is really crazy. Our hair is really crazy together.

Your response to me asking you if I can put pigtails in your hair... "Look Mom! I'm so silly."

17. In the middle of the night, in her sleep, "Ice cream!"

Our 3-year old!


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